We All Love A Good Drink!

I’m not a drinking expert. I’ve not had grape lessons; I like my wine with a simple screw top and I can barely drink a bottle without collapsing into a mess, but what I love are cocktails.  There’s nothing I’d rather write about than these luscious, sweet, boozy and sometimes terrifying tipples.

Living in Manchester I have the freedom to explore all corners of the city. The Northern Quarter is a force to be reckoned with, especially on a hot summer’s day, when the intention to visit every bar can be overpowered by a beguiling cocktail from the second place you stop at. Deansgate, if you can make it that far afterwards, has an exquisite array of bars and restaurants to discover: boasting Spinningfields at one end and Castlefield at the other.

I do however like to venture further afield, with a huge list of places to sample on my next expedition out of the city. So; if you’re stuck for ideas, love trying new drinks and places, but aren’t particularly an expert either, I’m going to bring all the amazing cocktails I find right back here for you to nosey at (pretty pictures included!)



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